Customized packages
from 5,000 USD up to 1 Million USD,

Our packages don’t have set prices. Costs are determined by multiple factors including date, destination, and group size. But we always keep personal group budget in mind when creating itineraries. Flights are not included as most of our party clients are traveling from all different places on different schedules but we handle everything from arrival to departure in your destination city.

We offer different payment methods, we send you invoicing so that each client can pay their part online individually or as a group. This seems to be a favorite feature with our clients because this way, one client doesn’t have to pay everything up front and then chase down their friends for money. The majority of your weekend is all-inclusive and prepaid so that you guys can arrive and enjoy everything that is planned without having to pull out your wallets at every stop.

Our payment process is easy. To reserve your party date, we request deposit from the (person in charge) to begin planning. Once we have put together a final party itinerary, each party guest will rsvp to the party by submitting their full payments. From there we complete all necessary reservations & bookings. Payment plans may be offered for parties booked far in advance, where all final payments will not be collected until 45 days prior to your travel date. Then you’re all ready to party!